Gadgetfest 2016

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – 13th annual Gadgetfest debuts new technology in Greenville.

GSA Technology is holding its 13th annual Gadgetfest debuting new technology that is sure to deliver.

Phil Yanov of GSA Technology said the lunch is held on the third December every year to give Christmas shopping ideas and get people into the holiday spirit.

Yanov said it’s an exciting time for technology gurus too and serves as a time for inventors and builders to join forces.

Gary Underwood of Computer Direct Outlet said he created the Volta V, a sustainable computer that is repairable and upgradable.
He said part of its appeal is that Its smaller and also made of hardwood.

Joey Loman of Synergy Mill also showed off his invention of a 360° camera with a viewer that goes along with it.

Loman said other inventions can be made at the maker space community workshop outside of Gadgetfest.

If you can’t make it to this lunch you can also attend it Tech after five.

Yanov said the group meets once a month at a bar to talk technology and may go with those who want to know it better.

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