Lavonia officers recovering week after shooting

Lavonia Police Officers

LAVONIA, G.A. (WSPA) – Two Lavonia police officers will be home for the holidays after being shot in the line of duty last week.

Authorities say Khari Gordon shot Capt. Michael Schulman and Jeffery Martin during a traffic stop in Lavonia, Georgia.

“It was just amazing,” Schulman said. “I came out of the hospital in a wheelchair, and they all saluted and clapped.”

Capt. Michael Schulman was released from Greenville Memorial Hospital Tuesday.

Schulman captured it all on his body camera.

“The bullet entered my bicep, went through my arm, down into my chest,” Schulman said.

The bullet is still in his back about two inches away from his spine.

“I did not see the gun,” Schulman said. “That’s how quick it was.”

He didn’t even know his partner had been shot, too.

“The driver running away, I didn’t care nothing about that,” Officer Jeffery Martin, who was shot in the hand, said. “I was mainly focused on secur[ing] my partner.”

He says the quick minutes felt like forever.

“It’s really tough knowing that your partner is laying down and not moving,” Martin said.

Martin is an army veteran but rookie officer.

“To be on the force for five months and have this happen, It’s just hard to grasp,” Martin said.

The crime scene last week was a page from their worst nightmare, but they say now, they’re thankful.

“We’re still here, so that’s a positive,” Martin said.

Martin says the shooting gave him a new perspective on life and his relationship with loved ones. Schulman says the shooting gave him a lesson in forgiveness.

“The quicker I can forgive him and that anger’s not in me anymore, the quicker I can get back to work,” Schulman said.

Neither officer has been cleared by his doctor to work, but both say they’re ready to come back.

Capt. Schulman will go back in two weeks to have the bullet removed from his back.

The suspect is due back in court on January 4th.

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