Special doll made for girl with prosthetic for Christmas

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Five months after a young Wichita girl lost her foot in a lawn mowing accident, she’s about to unwrap a very special Christmas present.

Lexi Warren was playing outside last July, while her dad was mowing the grass.

“Let off the clutch, started to look back and saw a flip flop,” said her father, Daniel Warren, who visibly cringed at the memory.

Lexi, just 5 years old at the time, had fallen behind the mower as he was backing up, the blade catching her right foot.

“At the time, it was half the foot.” Daniel said. “They would end up amputating at the ankle.”

All the while, despite the pain, Lexi put on a brave face.

“After that first week, she didn’t take any pain medication,” said Charlene Warren, Lexi’s stepmother. “She was fine. She just seemed to recover immediately. It was quite amazing.”

It took awhile before Lexi would show her leg in public.

“Once she got her prosthetic, everybody got to see it,” said Charlene.

A Wichita clinic, Peeples Prosthetics, had custom-made a new foot for Lexi. Now, she’s proud to show it off.

That’s when Lexi’s family came up with the idea of a special Christmas present.

“We wanted her to have something that was just like her, something if she ever felt lonely, to know she wasn’t the only one in the world,” said Charlene with a smile.

They asked Lexi’s new buddy, Dave, at the clinic to help.

“Occasionally, we get recruited by Santa Claus to help some little kids out,” said Dave Schrandt from Peeples. “We’re real blessed to be able to do that.”

For the first time ever, he created a tiny prosthetic for a doll, making the American Girl match Lexi and her special foot.

“We’re over the moon excited that they could do that for her,” said Charlene.

It’s a secret until Christmas morning, and her family can hardly wait to give it to Lexi, knowing her happiness is their best gift.

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