VIDEO: Shopper tells woman to ‘go back to wherever you come from’

LOUISVILLE (WCMH) — Community leaders in Louisville are condemning what they call a racist rant by a shopper at a department store.

The expletive-laden tirade was captured by another shopper inside JCPenney at Jefferson Mall on Tuesday.

The video shows a white woman berating two Hispanic women at a register, alleging that one of them cut the line.

She tells one of them to “go back to wherever you come from” and speak English.

She also calls the woman a “nobody” and tells her that taxpayers probably paid for her items because she’s on welfare.

Louisville mayor Greg Fischer released a statement today, apologizing to the women and saying he was “sad and disappointed to see conduct like this.”

JCPenney’s corporate office has also released a statement condemning the rant, according to WAVE. They are asking for the public’s help identifying the two Hispanic women, so they can reimburse them for their purchases.

Jefferson Mall says it will ban the woman who went on the rant once she is identified.

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