How to keep burglars away during your holiday travels

(Courtesy: KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Over 100 million Americans are expected to travel this holiday season, and many of them will be leaving their homes unattended.

Burglars often target homes that look unoccupied, so if you don’t have a house-sitter lined up, there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re not targeted.

If you can, schedule lights, stereos and TVs on timers to generate activity in your home. But make sure you don’t leave any lights on all day, because that can be an obvious sign to burglars that no one is around.

Cancel mail service and newspaper delivery while you’re gone.

Neighbors can be a big help when you’re out of town, and there’s a number of things you can ask them to do to make it look like your house is being lived-in:

  • Arrange for them to put out trashcans on collection day and return them once they’ve been emptied.
  • Ask if they can park in your driveway to make it look like people are coming and going.
  • Have them be on the lookout for circulars left on doorknobs and any mail or newspapers that didn’t get canceled.

You can also ask neighbors, friends or relatives to visit your house periodically to make it look like someone is there.

Experts say you shouldn’t share vacation plans on social media before or during your trip. It’s best to post photos and trip information once you’ve returned.

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