‘Miracle Baby’ makes it home for Christmas

Credit: WKBN

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – He spent nearly 60 days in Akron Children’s NICU at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Boardman.

But just in time for Christmas, Lexis Yandel Bautista De Jesus — who was born 11 weeks premature on Oct. 26 — went to his Youngstown home Saturday with his family.

“We call him Miracle Baby,” said grandmother Gladys Ramos. “We call him Miracle Baby because it’s a gift from God. And right now, we have him for Christmas.”

Lexis is a miracle baby for many reasons.

For instance, before Lexis, Merariz De Jesus was told that she was unable to have children.

“Well, I [was] trying for a lot of years to have a baby,” De Jesus said. “I lost three babies — miscarriage.”

Earlier this year, she took a pregnancy test and the results shocked her.

While De Jesus was used to negative results, it came back positive.

But her pregnancy was anything but smooth.

Lexis was born at 29 weeks and was barely two pounds. He was given a blood transfusion and had a heart murmur, sleep apnea and anemia.

“When I came here that day, Oct. 31, I didn’t say [anything] to my daughter,” Ramos said. “But I started crying because I thought the baby wouldn’t make it. You know, he was so little.”

“In the beginning, he needed help to breathe,” said April Lobaugh, a nurse at St.E’s. “He couldn’t eat a bottle by mouth because he was too little. So he went from needing oxygen, to not having oxygen, to taking his first bottle, to eating all bottle.”

Lexis keeps getting stronger and stronger.

He’ll continue to return to the hospital often for appointments, while the hospital will go to him as well.

“And they’re going to keep checking on him, you know,” Ramos said. “We’re even going to receive — where the nurse is going to go to the house and is going to check on him.”

But for now, the family is simply enjoying its little Christmas miracle.

“Here we are,” De Jesus said. “I have my baby in my hands and I’m so glad, because God is good. God is good and I wait for him.”

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