GoFundMe to “protect Betty White” helps Spartanburg Little Theatre

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – After a rough end to 2016, Demetrios Hrysikos set out to protect one of his pop culture icons.

The GoFundMe campaign to “protect Betty White from 2016” started out in jest, says creator Demetrios Hrysikos. “Everyone we’ve lost, I was like, it’s not a time for jokes, but maybe people need to laugh.”

The campaign met the funding goal of $2 thousand dollars in the first day. Hrysikos is donating all the money to the Spartanburg Little Theater to “help craft new stars of stage and screen.”

“We’re a nonprofit community theater,” said Jay Coffman, Executive Artistic Director of the Spartanburg Little Theatre. “I just thought it was a funny little thing. I had no idea it would blow up into something so big.”

Hrysikos still can’t believe his first-ever GoFundMe has gone viral. “I was kind of hoping maybe to raise a couple hundred bucks around Spartanburg, I had no idea that it’d be what it’s become.”

Upstate man’s GoFundMe to “protect Betty White” goes viral

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