New sheriffs take office in Upstate counties

ANDERSON, S.C. – (WSPA) For several Upstate counties, a new sheriff is officially in town.

It was the first day in office for Sheriff Will Lewis in Greenville County, Chad McBride in Anderson County, Dennis Kelly in Greenwood County and Don Reynolds in Laurens County.

McBride says he’s already busy and making changes to the department including getting more deputies on the streets.

“We are going to combat the drug problem in Anderson county. We have already more than doubled the size of our narcotics division during this transitions process,” Sheriff McBride explained. “There’s strength in numbers. Some of these problems are man power issues. So we just have to refocus, reevaluate and restructure the program.”

Reynolds tells us he’s also hitting the ground running toward his new goals and has a good team to help him.

“I want a professional, effective and responsive law enforcement. That is what these people deserve. That is what this change is about and these people that are with me, we are going to show that,” Sheriff Reynolds said.

Greenville county sheriff Will Lewis was originally going to be publicly sworn in Tuesday. But the event was cancelled so Lewis could attend a funeral. A new date for his ceremony has not yet been announced.

10th circuit solicitor David Wagner doesn’t take office until next week, but he says he looks forward to working with the new Anderson County sheriff and the fresh start for law enforcement in the Upstate.

“There is going to be times where we won’t have the same view on the case but more times than not we want to be on the same page,” Wagner said. “We all have to same goal and that is to make our community safety and keeping our families safe.”

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