Report released on logging truck crash in Greer

Loggin truck crashes into cars, building in Greer, SC

GREENVILLE CO., S.C. (WSPA) – A logging truck crashed into a building at Hwy 14 and Chandler Road on 12/30.

The truck was on its side and the cab of the truck was completely inside the building,

Two people were trapped inside the truck after it crashed into Jimmy’s Garage, police say.

Seven people were taken to the hospital following the crash.

The owner of Jimmy’s Garage was one of the seven but has since returned home from the hospital. His son says he was banged up but okay.

Eleven cars were involved in the accident, police say. Four cars were on the roadway and seven were in the parking lot of Jimmy’s.


Accident mapUNIT 1 (Logging Truck)
UNIT 2 (Nissan)
UNIT 3 (Chevy)
UNIT 4 (Ford)
UNIT 5 (Honda)
Unit 6 (Ford – Parked vehicle)
UNIT 7 (Pontiac – Parked vehicle)
UNIT 8 (Ford – Parked vehicle)
UNIT 9 (Chevy – Parked vehicle)
UNIT 10 (Ford – Parked vehicle)
UNIT 11 (Buick – Parked vehicle)
UNIT 12 (Pedestrian)
UNIT 13 (Pedestrian)


UNIT 1 (logging truck) stated his brakes on his truck stopped working when he tried to brake for stopped units ahead.
UNIT 1 tried to split the lanes so that he avoided a rear end collision with one unit.
UNIT 1 went in between lane 1 and 2, striking UNIT 2 (Nissan) and 3 (Chevy).
UNIT 1 they continued on into oncoming lanes of travel, striking the drivers side of UNIT 5 (Honda) and the front of UNIT 4 (Ford).
UNIT 1 then continued on, striking UNIT 7 (Pontiac – parked vehicle) and pushing it into UNIT 6 (Ford – parked vehicle).
UNIT 6 was then pushed into UNIT 10 (Ford – parked vehicle).
UNIT 1 at the same time also pulled UNIT 4 (Ford) under the trailer into UNIT 8 (Ford – parked vehicle)
UNIT 8 was then pushed into UNIT 9 (Chevy – parked vehicle).
UNIT 1 then entered Jimmy’s Garage through the front wall and struck UNIT 11 (Buick – parked vehicle).
UNIT 1 then fell through the floor of the building into the basement.
UNIT 12 and 13 (Pedestrians) were inside of the building when the truck entered through the wall.
Debris from the impact and unit struck the subjects inside the building.
State transport police were notified to conduct inspections on the commercial motor vehicle because the driver stated the brakes weren’t operating correctly.

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