Simpsonville Police phone scam asks for money for missing court

SIMPSONVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The Simpsonville Police Department says they have been contacted by multiple people asking if an officer from our department had attempted to contact them.

The people said they were contacted by a person who said they failed to appear in court.

They say the caller asks them to go purchase a green dot card and place money on the card.

The victims all stated that the caller identified himself as Lieutenant Timmie Williams with the Simpsonville Sheriffs or Police Department.

The Simpsonville Police Department says they do have a Lt. Timmie Williams who works at the police department, making this a dangerous situation to the public.

They are actively investigating these cases of Impersonating a Law enforcement officer as well as Phone Scam.

They are asking the public not to give anyone any money or information over the phone.

If you have any information or can identify this subject, please contact;

Inv. James Donnelly
Simpsonville Police Department


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