VIDEO: Upstate homeowner watches burglary on live surveillance

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – An Upstate woman is shaken after watching her home burglarized right from her phone.

It was through a Christmas gift Teresa Herrington got from her sister – a surveillance camera that connects to an app.

“Just thought I needed a little extra security,” she said. “It alerts me to sound. It alerts me to movement. It’ll also say spotted a person in your home.”

She says it’s usually one of her children but while away at work Thursday morning that was not the case when she pulled up the live feed.

“To my shock, he walks straight in,” she said. “It was a person I did not know.”

That’s when she dialed 911.

“I said ‘there is someone in my home, I’m looking at him on camera!”

Herrington says she was baffled to be watching a man in a red shirt, hat, and jeans strolling through her home.

“My bedroom is to the right and he goes in there.. Stays in there.. Seems like forever.”

When he returns to the living room Herrington says he looks to be digging through her stuff.

“He walks nonchalantly. I almost thought he was going to sit down,” she said. “Over here is a drawer where I keep Christmas decorations. He’s very free going through that.”

After seeing that live surveillance footage, Herrington drove to a church parking lot across the street from her home to watch what happened next.

“Now he goes to my kitchen, and I can hear he opens my refrigerator.” Herrington says it isn’t clear if the burglar took anything from her home.

She says she had left her side-door unlocked. “My granddaughter was expected at 2:30 to be dropped off.” It’s something she says she will never do again. “Had she been here, I would just be terrified.”

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and is handling the case. So far, they say no arrests have been made.

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