Woman reports police impersonators in Greenville

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – A woman on Deoyley Ave. reported two men who knocked on her door were impersonating police officers.

The woman said the knock came at 4 a.m. on Thursday Jan. 12.

She says she looked out the front window and saw a white color police car with a light bar on top.

She answered the door and saw two men dressed in dark colored uniforms. She said they had guns and handcuffs.

They introduced themselves and told her they were looking for a person (NAME REDACTED) and asked if she knew him.

She told them she didn’t know where he was and they thanked her and walked away.

She thought they were impersonating officers so she called police.

She didn’t recall them having badges, name plates or patches.

Police called other law enforcement agencies within a reasonable distance to see if they had officers by the names they gave the woman.

They also contacted state and federal probation and parole.

They weren’t able to find officers by those names.

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