Man from Upstate stands in as Trump for Inauguration preps

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSPA) – The countdown is on to the Presidential Inauguration this week and one man from right here in the Upstate is helping make sure things go smoothly for President-Elect Donald Trump.

With a wave and being sworn-in in front of crowds in Washington DC Sunday, Sergeant Major Greg Lowery got the full feel of being a new president on inauguration day.

“I wasn’t given too much choice but I was very excited when it happened,” Sgt. Maj. Lowery said. “It was exciting, a little frightening and very surreal.” trump-stand-in

Lowery has been part of the US Army Choir for over 25 years, but his roots are in Pickens. He graduated USC with a degree in music and his family still lives in Belton, watching his latest performance on TV.

“I am a South Carolina boy through and through,” he said. “Friends from the Upstate have reached out this weekend and it has been fun to reconnect with people.”

“I was surprised but proud of him, really very proud of him,” Glenn Lowery, his father, added.  “He has accomplished a lot since he has been there.”

The Sgt. Major stood in for Donald Trump for hours Sunday morning for dress rehearsal, while crews made sure everything is ready for Friday’s real deal.  He says they picked him specifically for his height and overall appearance.

He had fellow Army Band members standing next to him as the future First Lady and Vice President.

“She has been in the army band for maybe three months now,” he explained. “She is fresh out of basic training in Fort Jackson. So, this was a real experience for her.”

Lowery says he’s performed at inaugurations for President Clinton and President Bush. He’s also spent a lot of time on big stages. But this, even for him, was unforgettable.

“To have this kind of national and international stage and be the focus of that attention was really kind of strange but it was fun,” he said. “I had a great time with it.”

Sergeant Major Lowery will also be performing at the Lincoln Memorial before the inauguration on Thursday. trump-stand-in-3

President-Elect Trump’s inauguration will begin this Friday at 9 in the morning.

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