Mom’s birthday surprise for autistic son, how to send him cards

DOVER, Pa. (WHTM) – A York County mother is making sure her son’s birthday is extra special this year after many years of heartbreaking disappointments.

Zach Foller, who turns 13 years old in two weeks, never had many friends growing up. His mom says she always noticed there was something different about him.

“I’ve gotten calls from school saying that Zach’s been bullied or he’ll get a note saying that he was in an argument on the bus,” said Robyn Foller, Zach’s mom. “I said ‘Do you want to go bowling? Chuck E. Cheese? He said, ‘well, what’s the point? Nobody comes.’”

It’s a story that’s all too familiar to Zach’s mother.

“I’ve seen him, two years ago, sit there at the bowling alley for two hours waiting for somebody to show up,” Foller said, “and to have that look in your child’s eyes, knowing you can’t change what people think about this diagnosis.”

Zach’s mom took to Facebook, asking folks to send birthday cards for Zach. Soon after, cards came pouring in from all across the country.

“I got more than that. I just received two packages from somebody today for him,” Foller said. “I want him to know that there are not bad people in the world.”

The big reveal of those cards is happening on Zach’s birthday in two weeks. People interested in sending cards can mail them to:

4550 Bull Road
Lot 21
Dover, PA 17315

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