Polk Co. EMS worker fired for mutilating dog, lying says county


POLK CO., NC (WSPA) – A former Polk Co. EMS worker has been fired after he was accused of mutilating a dog, according to the county.

They say the incident happened while Michael Purdy was off duty.

The termination letter from the county manager says Purdy also lied to officials investigating the incident.

The family tells 7News that the dog, Goliath, had been in the family for nine years.

The case has been handed over to the District Attorney Greg Newman for review based on his conduct during the investigation but not for the treatment of a dead animal.

This is the termination letter sent to Purdy:


This is to inform you that you are being dismissed for cause effective immediately, 1/11/2017, due to violation of established County policies (reference Sections 3.2.3. “Unacceptable Personal Conduct” and 3.2.4. “Detrimental Personal Conduct”). This action is a result of your illegal and inappropriate taking and mutilation of an animal; as well as your lying to officials who were investigating the incident.

Under established human resource policies, you have the right to appeal the County’s decision to terminate your employment. If you have any questions, please contact our Human Resource Officer Patti Wagner.

Marche Pittman
County Manager

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