Shoe robbery suspect leaves ID at crime scene say police


SPARTANBURG,SC (WSPA)- Spartanburg Police responded to an armed robbery at the Spinx on W. O Ezell blvd in Spartanburg on Monday around 12:30 p.m.

The victim said he was robbed at gun point by a man, later identified as Dashon Pitts.

He put his shoes for sale on a website, according to the report.

He was contacted by the man about purchasing the shoes.

The two men agreed to meet at the Spinx.

The man said he allowed Pitts to try on the shoes.

After Pitts tried on the shoes the suspect reached into his pocket for what the victim thought was money.

According to the report, it was actually a small pistol that he poked into the victims stomach.

The suspect told the victim to give him the shoes and back away.

Then the suspect drove away.

The suspects ID was later found in the parking lot where his car was parked.

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