Storm Team 7: Prepare for severe weather possibility year-round

SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Some Upstate neighborhoods are still cleaning up from a tornado that tore through part of Simpsonville nearly two months ago. Our own Storm Team 7 says that kind of severe weather can happen any time here in the south and that it is never too early to prepare.

It took just a few, quick minutes in the neighborhood off of West Georgia road in Simpsonville for a tornado to leave behind destruction. Many of the neighbors still haven’t been able to move back into their homes because of the damage from the storm. According to Greenville County officials Simpsonville does not meet the requirements to receive federal aid to help with the cleanup.

“It was like a vacuum sort of sound and it sounded like the roof was coming off,” Kaleb Jones said. “There was a chimney in the pool. There was a trash compactor, it had been thrown. The roof on the house next to us had come off. It was just debris everywhere. A lot of us have really started working on the roofs. We had to fix our fence, siding panels and a few other things. We will be like this for a little while.”

Jones says he knows now that it’s never too soon to prepare for that kind of severe weather.

“Just know that they can come here. I never thought there would be a tornado in South Carolina,” he added. “If there is one, get to the safest place you think.”

Storm Team 7 says moments could mean life or death if and when the next storm rolls in.

“Any time of the year, across the country, tornadoes can still occur, especially in the south,” Storm Team 7 Meteorologist Dan Bickford said. “Stay informed with the forecast watching 7 News and watching Storm Team 7, have our storm team weather app ready and those will let you know, we will also let you know if there is a situation we have to be on the lookout for. You would want to have that extra time to prepare to get yourself where you need to be, to get in the basement or to get to some interior of the house.”

For more tips on how you can stay safe and prepare for severe weather year round, click on the weather tab at the top of

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