Man robbed people selling items on app in Spartanburg Co. say investigators

Dashon A. Pitts
Dashon A. Pitts

Investigators say they have arrested a man who robbed 3 people in Spartanburg Co. after they posted items for sell or trade on the internet.

Deputies says they responded to a robbery on E Wade Hampton Blvd. on 1/14.

The victim says she and Dashon Pitts were communicating via Letgo and were coordinating a time and place to meet to trade her phone for his.

They met in the parking lot of the Tadpole Fishcamp.

She said she showed Pitts her phone and asked to see his.

Pitts grabbed her phone and pointed a gun at her, according to the victim.

He told her to get out of her car.

She got his license plate number and called the police, according to the report.

Pitts is also accused of stealing a man’s shoes after he put them for sale on a website.

That happened at the Spinx on W.O. Ezell in Spartanburg on 1/16.

Police say Pitts left his ID card at the scene of the crime.

In another incident, Pitts is accused of using Letgo to trade a phone at Fred’s in Lyman on 1/16.

Pitts was arrested after Wellford Police stopped a vehicle matching the description in two armed robberies.

They say he confessed to the armed robbery in Lyman.

When they asked him where the phone was, he said he sold it to a kiosk at Westgate Mall and got $60 for it, but had lost the money.

He also admitted to having marijuana and a firearm.

Police say that gun was stolen.

Another person in the car was charged with simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Possession of a weapon during a violent crime.
Armed Robbery
Pointing and presenting firearms at a person.
Possession of a stolen firearm.

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