Woman accused of child neglect in Spartanburg Co.

Chelsea Nicole Brown
Chelsea Nicole Brown

SPARTANBURG CO., SC (WSPA) – Sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance around 7 p.m. Sunday on Candy Lane.

A woman said she brought her daughter Chelsea Nicole Brown, 25, and her baby to the home to do laundry.

She said Brown took her baby into the bathroom and came out a short time later acting very differently.

She says Brown started saying a woman in the home was trying to poison her baby and wouldn’t calm down.

The woman feared for the child’s safety so she called 911.

She said Brown calmed down a bit and they tried to cancel the 911 call.

Then Brown called 911 for an ambulance, saying her child had been poisoned.

The woman said Brown’s actions became more erratic at bouncing the baby so violently that the baby was almost dropped.

She said Brown, with the baby still in her arms, broke out the front window of the house with her hand causing minor scratches to her and the baby.

Brown sat down in a chair and a man in the house grabbed her so another woman could get the baby away from her.

Brown let them take the child but pushed the man into a door frame causing a cut to his elbow, according to witnesses.

She is charged with child neglect.

The child was taken into emergency protective custody, because the biological father didn’t have custodial rights and no immediate family was present.

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