City Council Agrees To Buy Falls Park Property From Developer

Falls Park on the Reedy River

Greenville, S.C. (WSPA) — Greenville City Council agreed to pay $4 million for a piece of land near Falls Park to prevent the area from being developed.

Centennial American Properties said last year it planned to build a multi-story office building on Camperdown Way, near the Reedy River.  Opponents feared development would pollute the river and obstruct the view of Falls Park.

Carolina Foothills Garden Club, which maintains the area, hired an environmental lawyer to stop the project. Attorney Frank Holleman discovered a little-known city code which prevents development from happening 50 feet on either side of the Reedy river.

“That plus the great public outpouring of concern led to the city council and the mayor doing what was necessary to protect this area and to add it to the park,” said Holleman with the Southern Environmental Law Center.

City council voted to buy the property from Centennial for $4 million. One million of that money came from private donations.

Centennial declined to comment.

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