Mom says daughter’s memorial and grave vandalized

PIEDMONT, S.C. (WSPA) – A grieving Anderson County mom says a memorial and graves for her daughter and two friends who were killed in a car crash last year has been a target for vandals.

The crosses on Langston road in Piedmont have been vandalized multiple times according to Tracey Williams, and she is fed up.

“We have lost a lot losing our children, we shouldn’t have to put up with this too,” said Williams. “It is time that something is done. We are just tired of it.”

The memorials have been up since last March when Wren High School student Danielle Williams and her two friends, Kayla Mann and Lance Jones, died in a tragic crash on Langston road. Friends and family visit the crosses daily to feel close to the young lives lost.

Tracey says some have been making more trouble for them in their grief. They’ve been dealing with the vandalism ever since.

“I definitely want people to come out here and pay their respects, you know, but respect is what I want,” Williams explained.  

Over nearly 11 months, Tracey says items have been stolen from the memorial and grave, pictures have been ripped up and even a bullet hole was found in one of the crosses. 

The families decided to put up cameras and let deputies know, to try to catch the persons responsible. Until this week, she hadn’t captured anyone doing anything wrong on tape. Tuesday she saw footage of what she believes is someone urinating under a cross, and says it was the last straw.

“When we saw this, you know, we were just kind of fed up,” she added. “When you come out here and use the bathroom, or do God knows what at a memorial, you know, something has got to give.”

Now she is warning others that more cameras will be going up. She hopes with the help of officers, the vandals will leave the memorials alone once and for all.

“We just want people to know that we are not going to stand for it. There are cameras up and we are going to catch you. We will call you out,” she said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says right now they are not investigating any criminal activity at the memorials. However, they do plan on keeping a close eye on the area by stepping up patrols.

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