Monkeys, Sloth removed from scene of shooting in Anderson Co.

Debra Sheridan
Debra Sheridan

Debra Sheridan is currently being investigated after she shot and killed a man on her property in Anderson County on Saturday.

The solicitor and sheriff are working to figure out whether or not Sheridan is protected by stand your ground.

Debra Sheridan told officers she was entering her home when she heard a sound near a shed. She went inside her home and got a gun before coming outside and firing two warning shots in the air.

Sheridan had been previously arrested in 2014 for animal cruelty, after animal control found dozens of dogs on her property that were in poor health. She claimed to be running a rescue called Golden S Rescue.

Sheriff Chad McBride says that a sloth and two monkeys were found on Sheridan’s property. They were in good health, but they don’t believe she had a permit to own the exotic animals.

McBride says that a goat and nearly a dozen dogs and cats were also on the property, but that they were well taken care of and therefore not seized.

The sheriff’s office is currently figuring out where to take the exotic animals since PAWS is not set up to care for them.

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