“One Spartanburg” campaign aims to create a better city

One Spartanburg campaign kicks off to create a better community
One Spartanburg campaign kicks off to create a better community

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A new campaign in Spartanburg is underway to help create a better community. The One Spartanburg initiative was unveiled Tuesday night, after a year of research and planning.

The goal of One Spartanburg is to bring a new sense of community to the area, and to continue to grow the already budding city into something bigger and better.

The Chamber of Commerce hired a company to conduct a study, comparing Spartanburg with cities like Rock Hill and Winstom-Salem. While there have been several improvements, there are still major elements the city needs to work on.

On several online surveys, residents said downtown is the area that needs the biggest change. This means adding more restaurants and businesses to continue the growth.

They also want to keep the people who are already calling Spartanburg home. The problem is the younger population isn’t moving to Spartanburg. The study says nearly 2,000 people ages 25-44 moved out of the area.

The next step in the process is to create action teams made up of volunteers. These groups will look at six different areas of Spartanburg to make sure these changes are becoming realities.

For more information on the One Spartanburg campaign, click here. To become a member of an action team, sign up here.

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