Man stabbed couple with Samurai sword after meeting to sell items

John Michael Juba
John Michael Juba

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCBD)- A man who is accused of attacking a woman and her estranged husband with a “samurai sword” was arrested today.

27-year-old John Michael Juba was arrested today by the U.S. Marshal service on the Isle of Palms.

On December 5th 2016 a woman and her estranged husband arranged to meet a man to buy a few items through the ‘Offer Up’ app. The couple came to the home of the seller on Berkshire Drive where they purchased a printer then returned later on in the evening to also purchase some tools. When they returned to the home the second time there was a man present with a “katana like sword” and without any provocation the man attacked the female victim and her estranged husband.

While trying to flee the home the female victim was stabbed in the rear left upper thigh. The victim then called 9-1-1 and was brought to MUSC to be treated for a 1-inch laceration. The man selling the items on the ‘Offer Up’ app was witness to the stabbings.

Later that same evening the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a suspicious man carrying a sword that was “dripping in blood” who was also smoking a cigar outside a home on Ashmont Drive. The caller also said the suspicious man was requesting to go onto the back porch of his home to use drugs.

While deputies responded to Ashmont Drive they received a call from the female victim who said the man selling the items to her and her estranged husband on the ‘Offer Up’ app knew the man with the sword and that the possible suspects name was John Michael.

Deputies then arrived at the home on Ashmont Drive to find a partially smoked cigar as well as a “noticeable amount of blood” on the front porch of the home. A search was conducted to locate the suspect however they were unable to find them.

John Michael Juba was later located today by the U.S. Marshal service on the Isle of Palms where he was arrested.

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