New shop specializes in cookie dough for eating

NEW YORK, NY (CBS News) – Eating raw cookie dough can be dangerous but a new shop in New York City is specializing in selling unbaked dough.

It’s the latest effort in dessert shops that feature sugary sensations like cupcakes, rice pudding, or cinnamon rolls.

In a gleaming kitchen, Kristen Tomlan makes chocolate chip cookies the old fashioned way…except for the part where you put them in the oven.

Tomlan is the founder of Do, a specialty shop devoted to the glories of raw, edible cookie dough.

Ben & Jerry’s helped bring cookie dough into the mainstream back in 1984.

But Tomlan got the idea after she and some friends bought a tub of cookie dough meant for baking.

“So we were sitting in a car, passing this tub of cookie dough around and I said ‘Why is this not a thing where you can go into a shop and buy cookie dough and not feel bad to sneak into a car and eat it?'” says Tomlan.

The truth is licking the spoon can be risky, both raw egg and flour can harbor basteria.

Tomlan says her dough is completely safe – she uses a pasteurized egg product and the flour is heat treated.

“The only risk is that you become addicted to it,” Tomlan joked.

Julia Kramer is a senior editor at Bon Appetit Magazine who has tracked cookie dough’s journey from mom’s mixing bowl to mainstream retail.

“There is no one who would say ‘I don’t like cookie dough,'” Kramer says.

To Kramer, the rise of specialty sweet shops from cupcakes to pies is historically repeating itself.

“In the beginning, everything was a specialty shop,” says Kramer, “Like if you made pickles you only made pickles and if you were the bagel guy, you only made bagels. So in a way, specialty shops are sort of a return to the old way of doing things.”

But Tomlan isn’t that specialized – some of her cookies are fully baked.

The cookie dough flavors are also available online. Tomlan says her biggest orders go to Florida, California, and her home state of Missouri.

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