How to avoid ‘digital depression’

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The term digital depression is the feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked by technology.

With cell phones, emails and social media, digital depression can be an unwelcome reality. It may be time to unplug.

“There are a lot of great benefits to being online but there’s also a downside,” said Lesley Cross, clinical counselor at Bridge Counseling in Worthington. “People today over share online. Were used to being online more than we used to have the option to be.”

You may spend more time staring at a screen than you think. According to an article in Psychology Today, the average person spends eight hours online, while the extreme spends 12.

“I can definitely see how it’s easy to get kind of wrapped up in it and just sit on it at home and be on it all day long,” said Cassandra Dula.

“It’s kind of addicting so people kind of get obsessed with their image online,” said Priyanka Ram.

Cross says people speak more boldly online than they would in person. She says adults are guilty of cyber-bullying, especially when it comes to politics.

Cross suggests setting boundaries for yourself. Limit your time online, the content you’re engaged in and what you share.

“There is an anxiety with keeping up with today’s technology as if you have this fear of, ‘ I don’t know it, I don’t use it, I’m going to be left behind’, but the reality is we are leaving some of our real life behind by trying to keep up with the technology,” said Cross.

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