Some trails still closed after Pinnacle Mountain wildfire

PICKENS, S.C. (WSPA) – It has been nearly two months since firefighters fully extinguished the Pinnacle Mountain wildfire. Today some parts of Table Rock State Park remain closed from wildfire damage, but others are open for hikers to enjoy again.

South Carolina Forestry Officials say the Pinnacle Mountain wildfire was the biggest and costliest to ever hit the Upstate. It scorched more than 10,000 acres and cost 4.8 million dollars.
The parks website has been posting updates about the parks condition and the status of their trails:
The Table Rock Trail, Pinnacle Mountain Trail and the Foothills Trail are now open at Table Rock. The trail to the Carrick Creek Falls Overlook and the CCC Lakeside Trail are also open.
The Carrick Creek Trail, Ridge Trail, Mill Creek Pass, Mill Creek Falls Spur Trail and the Palmetto Trail are still closed due to damage from the recent wildfires.  When hiking at Table Rock, please stay on the marked trails.  Unsafe conditions still exist in areas away from the trails, due to recent wildfires.
The open trails were packed Saturday with hikers taking advantage of the nice, sunny weather.

“I was expecting from the wildfire, some trees down and burnt areas but they’ve kept it well-kept up and the trees are cut so the trail was easy to see,” Nicholas Gustafson said.

There are still multiple signs posted around the park warning hikers to stay on the marked trails and a few trails blocked by gates. The park says those trails are still closed because the areas are unsafe from the damage that still lingers.
“It was a little hard but we had a good time. It was so pretty up there,” Hannah Miller explained. “There were trees that had been cut down and ashes, certain parts smell like there was a fire there.”
“I thought there would be a lot of burnt trees in the area or at least the ground being charred but it was really well-kept and contained, so you didn’t see it as much,” Emma Berry said.  “They really did a good job of getting those bigger trails open quick because they know people want to get back on them. So that was really exciting for me. “
For a list of open trails and for more updates on Table Rock trails, click HERE.

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