911 call leads to discovery of marijuana growing in child’s closet

Christopher Cline

(WKRG) – It started with a 911 call Monday night. One sentence caught the dispatcher’s attention: “You want to pull a gun on me?”

It didn’t take long for sheriff’s deputies to pull up outside this home on Tansey Lane in Crestview.

Inside, deputies say they found marijuana plants growing inside the closet of child’s room.

Even more plants were found in a shed outside.

According to the report from the sheriff’s office, a woman in the home called 911 after she and Christopher Cline got into a fight because he was smoking marijuana.

The gun came into play when her brother came over, and Cline allegedly picked up the pistol and put it in his pocket. Deputies say he showed the gun during the argument.

But Cline isn’t facing any charges for that incident.

Instead, he’s charged with child neglect, production of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Cline spoke off camera today to the CW55.

He said he was on his way to see his public defender in the case.

Cline says his one year old autistic daughter never sleeps in the bedroom where the marijuana was found, and she wasn’t in any danger.

Deputies disagree, and they’ve slapped him with felony charges.

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