Accused robbers granted bond upsets Greenville family

Charles Rosemond, Sr.

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The family of a Greenville County man killed in a shootout with deputies in December 2015 is searching for justice.

Charles Rosemond was a victim of a robbery minutes before deputies entered his home.

His family says he shot at deputies because he thought the suspects were back.

“He didn’t deserve to die,” said Candace Brewer, the victim’s niece.

Deputies say Aundra Hunter, Jr., Tivarius Henderson, and DeAndre Norris robbed Charles Rosemond in 2015. They’ve been in jail for more than a year.

“The fact that they came in his home, the one place you’re safe at, the one place you shouldn’t have to worry about anything, and they violated that,” said Bruce Wilson of Fighting Injustice Together.

The family says Rosemond was on medication when he armed himself, in fear of the robbers returning. When someone came to his door, Rosemond shot. His family says he was unaware it was deputies.

“It’s not fair that my uncle lost his life because of their actions,” Brewer said.

Last month, Henderson was released from jail on a $75,000 bond. He’s facing charges including armed robbery, kidnapping, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

“Now, he’s out walking free,” Brewer said.

The 13th circuit solicitor, Walt Wilkins, says he set a high bond, but the family’s upset because they say there was a lack of communication, and they weren’t included in the process.

“We told him that we would deny that,” Brewer said about the conversation the family had with the Solicitor’s Office. “We do not want him to get a bond.”

They say they wanted to tell that to a judge but never got a chance.

Thomas Rosemond | Victim’s Son

“It’s just rough,” said the victim’s son, Thomas Rosemond. “Every chance we get to have some closure, we get more bad news.”

The solicitor says there’s no law to hold the robbers accountable for their role in the shooting but says he’s still working to get a conviction for the other charges. The solicitor says the trial for the accused robbers could start in May.

The Rosemond family is also suing the Greenville county sheriff’s office as well as former sheriff Steve Loftis.

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