Greenville School Trustees call DeVos “unqualified” for Ed Secretary job

Betsy DeVos at Senate Hearing. Credit: AP

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – Several Greenville County School Board Trustees went to Washington this week to speak out against President Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos.

Trustees’ Joy Grayson and Chuck Saylors said their mission was not politically driven. They’re concerned about DeVos’ view on school choice and, what they say is, her lack of experience dealing with the interests of public school children.

“Why would you not get the best person for the job? And she doesn’t even come close,” said Grayson. “There is a vast array of people that could serve the nations school children better than this person.”

At the National School Board Advocacy Conference in Washington, Monday, they expressed those concerns to Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott.

“She is not an educator, she has no educational background, she has no credentials that would lead her to even want a job setting standards, guiding tax dollars, looking out for the most disadvantaged and special needs children,” said Grayson.

Their views didn’t change the minds or votes of Senators Scott or Graham, who have since gone on record supporting DeVos

Still, the Associated Press says Monday’s vote from the full Senate is expected to be deadlocked, 50/50. This is something that doesn’t bode confidence in her ability, according to Saylors.

“It’s the wrong pick for the wrong position,” said Saylors.

They believe her views on school choice would take tax dollars away from public school and invest into private schools.

“If we have money to give back to parents to send their kids to private school, why can’t we fully fund the federal programs that have been in place since 1965 to the levels they are supposed to be funded,” said Grayson.

Namely, the idea – a federal program aimed at funding the education of special needs students at 40 percent, but currently only funds 16 percent.

“We still have to pay the bill, regardless of what we get from Washington,” said Grayson.

Grayson says local and state revenue has had to cover a deficit of about $130 million dollars to fully fund idea in Greenville County Schools.

Again, the DeVos vote in the full Senate is expected to happen Monday with Senators Scott and Graham saying they will support her.

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