Todd Kohlhepp’s mother asks to be removed from civil cases

(WSPA) — Todd Kohlhepp is facing several civil lawsuits after he was charged with 7 counts of murder and kidnapping.

Soon after Kohlhepp was jailed, his mother, Regina Tague, was given power of attorney.

Lawyers for Kala Brown and Charlie Carver argued that Tague should not be granted Kohlhepp’s power of attorney and that an independent receiver should be set up for Kohlhepp’s funds.

That receiver was set up and Tague was removed as the power of attorney. Kohlhepp’s assets were frozen, and can only be given out by order of a judge.

Tague has answered the complaints set against her and her son in the lawsuits, and has asked to be removed from the case.

In court in January, Tague’s lawyer asked for her to be removed from the case, since she no longer holds Kohlhepp’s assets. The lawyers for the victims refused saying that they wanted to see if she had moved any money as Power of Attorney before removing her.


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