Women use World Hijab Day to protest immigration ban

Courtesy: KXRM

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — People came together Wednesday in Colorado Springs for the fifth annual World Hijab Day.

This year’s event holds more significance because of President Trump’s recent travel ban on seven Muslim majority countries.

A hijab is a traditional female Muslim garment that covers a woman’s head; it’s been linked to the oppression of women in Muslim majority countries.

Participants said they were trying to break down the negative stereotypes of the hijab and the Muslim faith.

One woman said it’s more important than ever given the current political climate of the immigration ban.

“The travel ban happened because people are afraid and tonight is an opportunity to reduce that fear,” said Fry.

That’s why they were peacefully protesting with a candlelight vigil.

“Helping people around here realize that, ‘yeah, maybe they do know a Muslim and it’s a nice Muslim and they don’t have to be scared of us,” said Fry.

The reverend of the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church said people often think Muslim women are oppressed, but she wants to remind us that oppression can happen in many religions.

“There are many women in very conservative Christian homes that have less rights than Muslim women around the world, because of their belief that the husband is the head of the household and women are to be submissive to the man. Whether or not they wear a head dress doesn’t mean they are not being part of that system as well,” said Reverend Dr. Nori Rost.

Changing the public perception of what a hijab means was a major goal they are trying to achieve.

“Hijab is not inherently oppressive. Changing your name is not inherently oppressive. What it comes down to is – are women making the choice themselves,” said Fry.

Wiley said right now it’s more important than ever for everyone to come together, no matter political affiliation.

“I would call on everybody to don’t side with your team; side with humanity,” said Fry.

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