Concerns rise over Kala Brown’s appearance on Dr. Phil

Kala Brown
Kala Brown

Kala Brown and two Anderson Police Officers are set to appear on Dr. Phil episode airing February 13 and 14.

Family members of Todd Kohlhepp’s alleged victims say they are worried that Kala Brown’s interview may jeopardize the criminal case.

Two Anderson Police officers will also be discussing how they used search warrants to ping Kala’s phone, ultimately leading Spartanburg County deputies to find Brown on Kohlhepp’s property.

Chuck Carver, the father of Charles David Carver, says he has many questions for Kala, who told investigators she saw Kohlhepp shoot Carver. Now Chuck Carver feels he may hear those answers on national television.

“Why, why did this happen? What led up to this moment?” said Carver.

Melissa Brackman, the widow of Scott Ponder, murdered at Superbike Motorsports in 2003 also feels frustrated by the interview.

“She was there, she saw things, he said things to her, there’s things she knows that are so detrimental to this case, so yes I’m concerned,” said Brackman.

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