Judge says taxpayers will pay for Kohlhepp’s defense

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
Todd Christopher Kohlhepp

A judge has decided that taxpayers will have to foot the bill for Todd Kohlhepp’s defense. A judge ruled that because Kohlhepp’s assets have been frozen, he does not have the funds to pay for an attorney.

Clay Allen, the lead public defender for Spartanburg County has been appointed to be Kohlhepp’s attorney along with the capital indigent defense lawyer Shane Goranson.

Kohlhepp is accused of murdering 7 people and keeping a woman locked in a storage container on his property for 2 months.

Deputies say that Kohlhepp confessed to murdering the four victims in the Superbike murders in 2003.

A public defender only qualifies if you don’t own property and you make less than a minimum amount allowed, the judge has decided to waive that due to the fact that his assets are frozen.

Currently law firm Nelson and Mullins is the independent receiver in charge of Kohlhepp’s funds. Kohlhepp’s mother Regina Tague was removed as power of attorney in early January.

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