“No Hate, No Fear, No Ban” rally held in downtown Greenville

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Islamic Society of Greenville organized a rally in downtown Greenville in support of refugees and immigrants.

One City Plaza was packed Saturday with hundreds of people. Protesters chanted “No Hate, No Fear, No Ban!” after multiple speakers from different religions and different parts of the community took the stage.

ban-rally-2“It was about justice and it was also about America,” Akan Malici, a Furman University professor and Greenville Islamic Society member. “People are starting to take their citizenship as a responsibility to be engaged to be active and that’s very encouraging and very promising.”
With signs held high and low, the groups called for equality and for action to try to get rid of the immigration ban all together.
Dhaval Desai said, “There are families stranded in parts of the world. We cannot sustain this ban. It has to stop.”
Organizers sent home fliers with as many protesters as they could urging them to call Upstate lawmakers and representatives, with scripts to oppose the ban. They also sang “This land is your land” and listened to an interpretation of a portion of the Qur’an.
“We will continue educating people. We will continue calling people to justice. We will continue calling people to what is good, right, just and beautiful,” Malici added. “Our democracy and our constitution and its values are not an accomplishment, it is a process. It is important for us to always be engaged in this process and to reclaim and reassert our democracy, our constitution and its values. If we don’t, it will gradually slip away.”


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