Tips to avoid trailer theft

Courtesy: Emmanuel Baptist Church

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Trailer thefts are still an issue across the Upstate, where they are taken from homes, businesses or anywhere they are left sitting.

On December 31, someone took a trailer from behind Emmanuel Baptist Church in Roebuck. Pastor Frankie Taylor showed 7News the pictures they captured on their surveillance camera.

“The surprising thing was was the time of day when it happened, at 10 o’clock in the morning,” Taylor remembered. “Threw it on the back of his truck and just pulled right straight out.”

Taylor says they did have a padlock on the trailer. They posted their surveillance pictures on their facebook page to get the word out. “We pray for that person. Pray that in someway, he’ll find the Lord, and he might bring the trailer back, course, it’s probably long time gone, but we just pray for him and hope the Lord, he’ll supply us another one.”

7News asked the experts at B&A Trailers in Inman for advice on what you can do to try and keep thieves away. Benjamin McElrath recommends putting the trailer in a building or behind a fence.

“If a thief can’t see something, they obviously are not going to be quite as tempted to steal it,” McElrath said.

He recommends removing the coupler if you can, and buying a lock.

“Any type of lock you can put on it. Obviously locks can be disabled, but it’s another thing to slow somebody down and make it much less tempting to take a trailer,” McElrath explained.


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