Mom-To-Be Has Reveal Party After Being Hit By Lightning

Jolene Weaver (Courtesy: WKRG)

(WKRG) — A mom-to-be was able to celebrate at her gender reveal party Thursday night after she says she was hit by lightning this week.

It happened Tuesday during storms in Mount Vernon, Alabama.

Jolene Weaver says she was home alone and went to use the house phone when the shock came through and knocked her off her feet.

Her family came rushing to the house and Weaver was taken to the hospital, where the doctor checked her and the baby and said everything was okay. But told Weaver it was inches from being much worse.

“They said I did get an electrical shock but the phone took most of the shock, but had it been up to my ear it would have probably been worse than what it was,” said Weaver.

Jolene found out she’ll be having a little girl. Her due date is July 25.

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