New Greenville firehouse opens Monday

Greenville, S.C. (WSPA) – The Wade Hampton and Greenville City Fire Departments worked fast Friday afternoon to put out a grass fire that came dangerously close to burning multiple homes on Falling Rock Way near Pelham Rd.

No one was hurt and the fire was put out quickly.

Response times will become even faster with a new fire department opening in Greenville on Monday.

This will be the 7th fire station in Greenville and the decision for a new station has been three years in the making.

This is truly Greenville’s first station that meets today’s needs as a modern fire service.

A charred fence and melted siding left evidence of a fire, but it could have been much worse for people living in these townhomes off of Pelham Rd.

Some of the homes are damaged, but not gone, thanks to the actions of firefighters.

Laura Brown saw her neighbor’s home catch fire and was thankful for the timeliness of the fire crews stating, “Not only did they respond so quickly, but they were here, they reacted, and they made sure our homes didn’t burn.”

Response times are about to get even better with the opening of fire station number one on Monday.

Chief Steve Kovalcik with the Greenville City Fire Department says, “By decreasing the response times, it has a direct effect on the health and safety of the folks that we service. It takes a significant amount of time for that station’s resources to get out in that area.”

The new fire station will serve the Verdae area and Woodruff Rd., which the Pleasantburg station handled before.

Sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes for a response during the busy times, which is double the normal time to respond. This extended response time has a trickle-down effect.

Chief Kovalcik explained further, stating, “The other stations that surround that station’s district are in that district servicing it, and they get a call, then other stations are having to move up, and that in turn increases response times throughout the city. Survivability, it really decreases the longer it takes us to get there.” So, the new fire station will ultimately keep people safer.

The new station also hired 12 new people, who graduated from the Fire Academy Friday.

This new station was welcome news to many nearby residents, like Justin Lewis who lives near the new location saying, “Having them here makes me feel a little bit more sense of security for me and my wife, and my family.”

Chief Kovalcik gives one more upside to the new station, claiming that the new station will also save people money on their home insurance since their ISO rate will improve.

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