No more Wades billboards, will use money for Spartanburg projects

Wades signs

The famous billboards at Wades…will soon be no more.

The restaurant is a staple for the Spartanburg community and part of that is because of the funny billboards that are put up around town.

Wades sees nearly 3,000 customers each day and those customers are the ones who submit ideas on the back of menus, that then go on billboards in the community. They have been doing this since 1995.

This month will display Wades last billboard, which shows the first one in 1995, “Bean me up, Scottie!”.

Wades has decided to use the funds for their billboards and pour them into the Spartanburg Community.

Soon you will see a “Wades Stage” at the Hub City Famer’s Market, where local artists can play at events.

Wades will also be helping with a park that will be put in off of Pine Street.

They still hope customers will submit ideas and that they will find new places to display them.

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