“He didn’t want to kill me, he wanted to keep me” Kala Brown interview airs

Kala Brown
Kala Brown

(WSPA) — The first of two interviews with Kala Brown aired Monday on the Dr. Phil show. The series is titled “The Girl in the Box,” and is the first interview that Kala has given since being rescued on accused serial killer Todd Kohlhepp’s property in November 2016.

Todd Kohlhepp was charged with killing 7 people and kidnapping Kala Brown, by keeping her locked in a storage container on his property.

The Dr. Phil show has released several preview videos on their website of Kala and her mother’s interviews. The following details have so far been released:

Kala told Dr. Phil that Todd Kohlhepp and she had been Facebook friends for several years and that when she posted about looking for work, he offered her a job.

That job was cleaning his houses that were getting ready to be sold through his realty company TKA Associates, according to Kala.

Over the next 2 to 3 months, Kala and Charlie would drive to Kohlhepp’s home in Moore, pick up keys to the homes and then go clean them together. Kala stated that they cleaned 4 or 5 homes over those months.

On August 31, Kala said she and Charlie headed to Todd’s home and then they followed him to the Wofford Rd property.  He let them in the gate and then locked it behind them.

Kohlhepp led the couple to a double story garage, handed them water and hedge clippers to clean up underbrush, said Kala.

Kala says that Todd entered the garage once more, then came out and shot Charlie three times in the chest. Kala says that she was then bound by Kohlhepp around her ankles and hands, and that a ball gag was placed in her mouth.

Todd then left for around 20 minutes, wrapping Charlie up in a blue tarp, according to Kala.

“He said it was easier to control someone, if he took someone they loved,” said Kala.

When Dr. Phil asked Kala if she was scared she was going to die, she responded,  “He didn’t want to kill me, he wanted to keep me.”

Kala was then put inside the storage container, which she said had rations and water on shelves. Kala stated she continued to be bound, and was then shackled inside the container around her neck and foot.

Kala told Dr. Phil that Todd Kohlhepp sexually assaulted her on a daily basis. Kala stated that Kohlhepp was calm and collected the entire time these traumatic events were happening.

In another part of the interview, Dr. Phil and Kala discussed her relationship with Charlie. Kala stating that “He lived his life to make others smile. If Charlie couldn’t make someone smile his day wasn’t complete.”

Kala told Dr. Phil that she and Charlie had known each other for a year, but had been seriously dating for 4 or 5 months before August 31st. Kala told Dr. Phil they had planned on getting married.

Kala’s mother Bobbie Newsom was also interviewed. Dr. Phil asked if Newsom thought there was foul play in her daughter’s disappearance.

“Even though I knew it wasn’t right. I was hoping they went to the beach and didn’t tell anybody,” said Newsom.

Newsom also described the moments she was told Kala was alive.

“Somebody knocked at the door and it was one of the detectives that I recognized. We found your daughter, of course I couldn’t breathe. They said, ‘She’s fine!’ I just remember I was on my knees and them helping me up,” said Newsom.

According to the interview, investigators say that Kala was asking for her mother,  “It was like a dam broke with relief. I couldn’t let go of her,” said Newsom.

Three months since Kala has been found, her mother says she is a different person.  “You could see it in her eyes, she was so sad, She’s a little more meek,” said Newsom.

Two Anderson Detectives who investigated Kala and Charlie’s disappearance will also be on the two part series that airs Monday and Tuesday.

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