Valentine’s Day Busy for Singing Telegrams

Cynthia Frazier reacts to a singing telegram Tuesday by Captain Telegram.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA)—Valentine’s Day is one of the two busiest days of the year for Columbia’s Captain Telegram, the other being Mother’s Day. He says it’s always a thrill to go somewhere he’s never been and see the reaction of the recipient of the singing telegram. “It’s an adventure I’ve done over 50,000 thousand times over 36 years,” he says.

On this Valentine’s Day, one of them was Shantell Wilks. Captain Telegram surprised her at work with a singing telegram from her “better half,” as she puts it, who’s in Texas. Captain Telegram recited all the reasons that Raymond had told him she was so wonderful, and then, after marching her around the room while he played a kazoo for the “parade of love,” he sang the telegram.

Afterward, she said she had an idea Raymond was planning something but she was still surprised. “Just, ‘What is going on?’ He’s a long way away, so it’s a nice touch,” she said.

Then Captain Telegram headed to his next stop, Cynthia Frazier. “Someone thinks you’re special. Someone thinks you’re fine. I’ve been asked to speak for him and say, ‘Would you be mine?'” he sang, on behalf of Danny.

“I was shocked, but that would be something he would typically do. He always goes over and above and beyond,” she said.

As for getting the singing telegram, which included a balloon bouquet, instead of flowers or candy, she said, “Flowers die. This will last forever in my mind.”

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