What your sweetheart wants & doesn’t want for Valentine’s Day

valentines day candy hearts

Trying to find the right gift for your significant other for Valentine’s Day is no easy task.

You aren’t a mind reader and asking him or her takes the fun and surprise out of it.

The cash back shopping website Ebates conducted a survey to see what your sweetheart wants and doesn’t want for Valentine’s Day.


The survey showed the safe choice is a date night out for dinner at a nice restaurant.

Dinner at nice restaurant – 20%
Something Thoughtful – 15%
Chocolates / Candy – 10%
Roses/Flowers – 9%
Jewelry or accessories – 9%
Dinner at nice restaurant – 21%
Something thoughtful – 14%
A romantic getaway – 9%
Chocolates / Candy – 9%
A gift card – 7%


Lingerie – 24%
Money – 20%
Car – 18%
Gift card – 16%
Roses / Flowers – 24%
Spa / facial – 22%
Nice bottle of wine / whiskey – 18%
A gift card – 17%

Other interesting responses to survey:

Romantic getaway is the gift they’ve always wanted but never received – 36%

Would go on blind date on Valentine’s Day – 53%

Would like to get engaged on Valentines Day – 41%

Where to get engaged:
At dinner – 17%
On vacation – 13%
With family and friends present – 8%

Where not to get engaged – Jumbotron at sports event – 38%

Limit to spend on Valentine’s Day – $50 (34%)

Have forgotten about Valentine’s Day and gt an emergency gift at grocery store or gas station – 33%


Popeller Insights surveyed 1,008 adults online on behalf of Ebates.

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