NC Gov. talks HB2 repeal proposal again

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Gov. Roy Cooper reiterated his desire to repeal House Bill 2 Wednesday as he spoke before the North Carolina Hospital Association.

“I want to be a governor for everyone and I want us to have a North Carolina that works for everyone,” Cooper said. “We have to remove this stain from our state’s reputation.”

Cooper hopes to have HB2 repealed by the end of February.

He has a new proposal for repeal but Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger doesn’t believe that proposal changes negotiations.

Cooper and Democratic leaders introduced a plan to repeal HB2 but also one that would increase penalties from crimes committed in places like bathrooms. The plan would require local governments to give a 30-day notice before voting on a local non-discrimination ordinance.

Some Senate Republicans, including Berger, said the governor’s proposal still does not address the issue of privacy in restrooms.

“He’s doing a lot of talking but he’s not explaining his position very well,” said Sen. Andew Brock (R-Davie). They’re playing games with people’s lives and we have things that we need to do here in Raleigh and all the attention is to this.”

There is a deadline looming to get HB2 repealed as the NCAA will make a decision soon whether North Carolina will host tournaments and championships for the next six years.

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