Spartanburg teacher paralyzed in car accident gets back on the road

gofundme set up to help Steadings with special vehicle

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A teacher paralyzed after a car accident is back in the classroom and now he is on to his next challenge – driving.

Josh Steadings teaches South Carolina history at Mabry Middle School. He was injured during a crash in February of 2015. Even that spinal cord injury could not stop him from returning to teaching.

“Everybody has a purpose and I believe God puts us all on this earth for a reason and my purpose is to teach,” Steadings explained.

He credits his family and his wife with helping him through the tough times.

“The day that I had the wreck she told me you know, this is not going to define us,” Steadings remembered. “We’re still going to be who we are. The chair is just an accessory that goes along with it.”

After months of his wife driving him to work, Steadings decided his next challenge was to get back on the road himself.

“I recently got my driver’s license back so the next step is to get a car.” He needs a specialized vehicle that allows him to drive with modifications.

“Everyone had asked me, they were like you know, was it really strange learning how to drive without your legs?” he said. “I told them no, it was actually easier because since I can’t feel my legs, I was more inclined to treat it like a video game.”

A Gofundmepage was setup to help with the expenses of the vehicle. For Steadings, the next step is a chance to regain his independence.

“Don’t let a disability define who you are.”

If you would like to help, click here.


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