Adult coloring catching on in Greer

GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – Coloring is not just for children anymore. Adult coloring is a trend across the country. People say it relieves stress and helps them focus.

Now, Greer Relief is offering classes to help folks get in on the trend.

“Just trying to stay inside the lines,” joked Olin Booker, a first time visitor to the class Thursday afternoon.

Katie Michalovic, a fulltime volunteer at Greer Relief, started the class a few months ago to help people feeling stressed about the holidays.

“I knew it was a thing because I use it a de-stressing method,” Michalovic said. “I figured other people might want to do the same and why not share it?”

She looked around and couldn’t find any other classes nearby so she decided to start one.

“This is my getaway right here,” said Misty Lathem, who has been to the classes before. “I enjoy coloring. I got tons of coloring books at home.”

Lathem says coloring is calming.

“The stress level’s down,” said Lathem. “You just concentrate on coloring and stuff. I do it at home.”

The classes are free to anyone interested in attending.

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