Clemson students demand university breaks silence on immigration

March Against Silence

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Clemson University students and staff rallied for the administration to break its silence on President Trump’s immigration ban.

Students at the “March Against Silence” rally say they want to see the administration take more practical steps such as providing legal support to international students affected by the ban.

Unaiza Uzair, a Clemson PhD international students, says she came back to school from winter break the day the president issued the ban.

“This made me think what if my country had been on the ban, then I would’ve never been able to come back here,” Uzair said.

She says she doesn’t feel like she would have support from her university.

“As an international student, I’ve been advised not to travel out of the United States until I finish my degree, so I feel like I’m in a cage,” Uzair said.

She also says the ban is hurting her professional development by limiting her research and internship opportunities.

“It’s putting an end to collaborations worldwide, so it makes me live in a state of fear,” Uzair said.

Students say the university has held multiple information sessions on the ban. But, protesters want the administration to publically denounce the immigration ban.

“One of the issues that we have here is an upper administration that is extremely tentative in making public statements that will make us feel like a more inclusive place,” said A.D. Carson, a Clemson Graduate Student.

Trump’s administration says they’re going to create a new executive order dealing with immigration.

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