Reward now $10k in missing toddler Leonna Wright case

Search for Leonna Wright
Search for Leonna Wright

Anderson area Crimestoppers has announced that the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case of a missing toddler, Leonna Wright has increased to $10,000.

Wright was last seen at a Pendleton Apartment complex in 2015.

New sheriff Chad McBride says baby Leonna’s case is a tipping point in changing how his department and other agencies respond to missing children cases.

Together, with this confirmed reward of $10,000 dollars, McBride says this is the step to finding their missing piece in Leonna’s disappearance.

“Children are our most precious gift and having learned probably a lot from Leonna’s case, we are going to put every resource out here that is available to us in any of these types of cases were situations,” said McBride.

Just a few weeks ago, a missing two year old – Devon Burton – brought all hands on deck in Anderson until the child was found safe.

It’s a hard lesson for Leonna’s grandfather, Walter Cowan.

“I wish they would’ve had this force for my grandbaby,” said Cowan. “Mine would’ve probably been here today.”

Activist Traci Fant has worked alongside Leonna Wright’s family since her June 2015 disappearance.

“Leonna’s become everybody’s baby,” said Fant “It’s just really hard to express what we’ve all been through.”

Leonna’s picture is one we’ve all come to know; a smiley baby, dressed in pink with her face on fliers and billboards next to the word “missing.”

Fant has helped lead a successful campaign with Crimestoppers to raise the money for the 10k reward.

“We know that people have some information out there that can help us close the gap in order to pursue this case to the end,” said McBride. “In this case I hope it’s more of a conscience issue with someone than a money issue, but money talks and money helps.”

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC. Your call will be completely anonymous.

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