Dad of man charged with killing baby: Son tripped, fell on baby

(Courtesy: WKBN)

MINERVA, Ohio (WKBN) – Matthew Wilson, 32, was placed in Trumbull County Jail Saturday as police say he murdered his 5-week-old baby girl.

His father Charles Wilson said he’s in shock that his son was arrested and charged with murder.

He calls Matthew a loving father who would never hurt his kids.

“He said, ‘I tripped over a toy, I lost balance, I lost her, I went down to catch her,’” Charles said, choking back tears. “And he went on top of her. He got up, she got up. He rubbed her and checked her and everything seemed that it was alright.”

Charles said the next day, the little girl’s condition became bad.

Niles Police released a statement Sunday saying emergency responders were called to Bellair Court on Feb. 10 for a baby with a heart condition.

The next day, Akron Children’s Hospital called Niles Police to a report a potential case of abuse, prompting an investigation.

“Matt would never hurt anybody — he wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Charles said. “That’s how good of a man he is.”

After a week investigation by police, Trumbull County Children Services and the Trumbull County Prosecutor, police took Matthew into custody and charged him with murder.

Charles said he talked to his son on the phone Sunday.

“He couldn’t believe it — he thought it was a dream,” he said. “He said he wasn’t a bad person.”

Matthew Wilson’s first court date is Tuesday.

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