Robbery suspect caught after cashing stolen lottery tickets say deputies

Lamarcus Devionne Thompson (Source: Spartanburg Co. Sheriff's Office)

CHESNEE, SC (WSPA) – A man has been charged in a string of armed robberies in Spartanburg Co., according to deputies.

The following stores were robbed:

1. Jan. 16, 2017, at 8:55 PM – Lil Cricket, 5687 Chesnee Hwy., Chesnee
2. Jan.y 16, 2017, at 9:50 PM – Lil Cricket, 1980 Chesnee Hwy., Spartanburg
3. Feb. 15, 2017, at 9:45 PM – Lil Cricket, 5687 Chesnee Hwy., Chesnee
4. Feb. 17, 2017, at 10:40 PM – Scotchman, 4884 Chesnee Hwy., Chesnee

Deputies say 25-year-old Lamarcus Devionne Thompson stole money, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

They say he robbed the stores at gunpoint and wore a bandanna and gloves in the robberies.

They say he went to 2 other stores to cash some of the stolen tickets.

Deputies say that helped them break the case.

When you try to cash a stolen lottery ticket, the clerk will get a message telling them to call the lottery.

It allowed investigators to get surveillance video of him unmasked and his girlfriend’s vehicle he used in the robberies.

One of their forensic investigators was able to lift some latent fingerprints off the recovered lottery tickets, and their examiner was able to identify those prints as Thompson’s, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies say Thompson was found at his girlfriend’s home in the Inman area.

They say they found the weapon and clothes used in the robberies.

Thompson is charged with:
· 4 counts of Armed Robbery
· 4 counts of Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of a Violent Crime
· 6 counts of Defrauding the SC Lottery Commission.


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