Zima is reportedly making a comeback

CHICAGO, IL (WCMH) — First we welcomed Crystal Pepsi back from the 1990s, and now another clear drink from the era could be back on store shelves soon.

The clear malt alcoholic drink Zima, will be reportedly available for a limited time soon, according to AdAge.com

According to Pete Coors, the vice chairman of the board of directors for Miller Coors, despite the hot start of the clear beverage, it quickly began losing popularity, and attempts to change things only made things worse.

“We decided to do Zima Gold, which was a huge disaster,” Coors said. “And then we decided to take the nice fluted bottle and make it into a generic bottle. We killed the brand, frankly,” Coors told AdAge.com in 2012.

So break out the “Titanic” DVD, or your Spice Girls CD, because “Zomething different” may be back.

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